Upholstery cleaning is the most technical of all the cleaning processes. It requires experience and patience. There are far more fibers and combinations of fibers on any given piece of furniture. Some fabrics react to water and detergents and others to solvents. Combine these fibers and you may have a problem. Cleaning labels on furniture are almost never accurate and the fibers are never identified, so the cleaner has to be a pro in order to recognize what he is dealing with. In addition, some fibers tend to bleed or discolor. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are the two most popular methods for cleaning upholstery. Steam is the more versatile and can clean most pieces. Dry cleaning is safer on the fiber but not as effective at soil removal. Fabriclean has its own process which uniquely incorporates both processes in a safe and effective way. WOW best describes the results.

Fabriclean has its own unique way of cleaning leather and suede. Sorry, we don't describe it here.

$18.00 to $22.00 per linear foot...outside arm to outside arm for sofas.
$65 to $85 for stuffed chairs;
$15 to $30 for dining chairs or ottomans
$85 to $95 for Recliners.


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